Supercharged Guzzi and other projects by motomatti

Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro Compressore
Owner: motomatti
Eaton M24 & V10 KK

At autum 2011 total kilometers are 100.000. Of witch riding with supercharger over 20.000 kilometers. There were some problems with the oil pump "bearing". In fact there is no bearing at all, only hole in the aluminium cast pump cover.
JLMeccanica made a larger hole on the cover and filled it with hard aluminium. Then machining tight dimensioned hole in it.

Reason to open the timing cover was problem with timing. The sprocket at the front end of the cranksaft was loose and very noisy. When I was tightening the sprocket I realised the problem in the oil pump.

Twin injector throttle body from Ducati 996 SPS. 

Recirculation valve stands on top of the supercharger.
It get its signal by the pressure of the left side air manifold.

Upper exhaust tube joint.  Carbon fibre alternator/belt cover.

Right side throttle body. Small rubber tube at right lead manifold air pressure to the MAP-sensor witch is located in the ECU box.

Boost meter at left side.

Side stand is right side of the motorcycle.

Rear frame is made of carbon fibre.

All the carbon fibre and other composite parts are my own design and work.

California Compressore
Moto Guzzi Jackal 1100
Owner: J. Savola
Eaton M45, double spark, double injection.
Cylinder compression ratio 8,3. Larger valves and ports.

Both supercharged bikes made by cooperation with JL Meccanica and motomatti

California T3 Compressor Ethanol
Owner and builder motomatti
Eaton 24 in Tonti frame.

Starting video with supercharger and ethanol.
More photos.

Carillofornia Trike
Based on Moto Guzzi California Stone 1100
Owner: T. Mattila

Old Mazda rear axle.

Left side brake.

Ready for the tecnical inspection.

More pictures.

Electric Bike
Owner: J. Savola
I have pictures only of the time of making electric bike.
Frame is from Cagiva Freccia.

Rear sprocket had to changed to bigger one.

Chain line is more right than the original one because the frame is so narrow for electric motor.

 Not much space between frame and motor.

 Front sprocket.

Motor is just behind the rear suspension.

New design. The screws are to adjusting head lights.

New economical lights.

Water tight connectors.

Another e-bike project. (Only in finnish.)
MaxEv  (Also in english)