DIY injection for Harley FLH

You have to start somewhere...

Throttle body from BMW shortened.

Shortened throttle body and intake manifold with atomizers.

 Megasquirt ECU

Megasquirt ECU from other side and the aluminium cover box.

MegaSquirt ECU and some electrics below the saddle.

Gasoline pump and filter under left side cover.

 Lambda and engine temperature sensors behind the rear cylinder.

Original induction sensor and new optical injection sensor.

 All connectors are watertight type.

Gasoline pressure regulator between cylinder heads.

Throttle body and TPS assembly.

Right side view. (Non supercharged version)

Right side view... Later. (Supercharged version)
Left down: manifold air temperature sensor.

Adjusting on-line injection map.

Next step: Assembly of mecanical charger
Picture c: Luupilotti
Eaton M24 charger is partly between engine and gearbox.
Charger run by multi grooved belt as seen in blueprint in blue color.

 Supercharger position. View from front.

The air cleaner is front of the engine between the front tubes of the frame.